Creating History


For 107yrs the Stingray Point Lighthouse stood tall above the shoals and marked the entrance to the Rappahannock River and Deltaville Harbor. In 1965, in the name of “Forward Progress & Modernization”, the lighthouse was deconstructed in favor of a steel skeleton tower bearing an automated light. The remains of the lighthouse were sold to a local boatyard owner whom intended to reconstruct the lighthouse on their property. That project never materialized and the lighthouse was all but relegated to a memory of the past. Not one to stand idly by and watch the history of this locality fade into oblivion, the owners of Stingray Point Marina decided to bring the lighthouse back by recreating an exact replica of the historic structure. The structure that you see here is the result of that venture and was built using the original 1858 engineering blueprints. Which, by the way, still hangs on the wall just inside the main entry door of the lighthouse. The recreated lighthouse was erected in the middle of Stingray Point Marina, in Deltaville, VA, for all to enjoy. The inside of the lighthouse is viewable by appointment only and can be arranged by calling or emailing the marina. Lee, an employee of the marina, was gracious enough to give us a guided tour of the lighthouse and share his vast knowledge of the surrounding area and its past. Did you know that Stingray Point received its name from none other than Captain John Smith himself? Legend has it that Captain Smith was fishing in the nearby waters and was stung by a passing Stingray, which are plentiful in the area. Hence the name, Stingray Point. I bet you didn’t know that piece of history!


By definition, history is about past events and experiences. Our family had an amazing experience taking in this piece of the past and the knowledge that Lee shared with us. Now this place and this experience is a part of our own history. Something we will forever cherish. We can’t thank Lee and the owners of Stingray Point Marina enough for preserving this piece of history and allowing us the privilege to experience it.