Veteran’s Day


Veteran - “A person who has served in the military.” That definition does not do the word justice. Our service Men and Women have one of the most difficult jobs in the world. But that burden is not only theirs. It’s a burden their family must share as well. The sobering truth of the matter is that some family members never get to meet their mother, father, brother, sister, etc, because some of our Vet’s never make it back. Those that do.. Well, they may be forever changed. Today we would like to ask you to do something. Not just today but especially today... Look to your left, now to your right. Every person you see before you has been touched in some way by a service member or their family... This next part is a little more difficult, but with a little courage It can be done. Pick one person that you see. Walk up and introduce yourself. Thank them for their service or the service of their family member and take the time to get to know them. Listen to their stories. Share their joy and their pain. Laugh and cry with them. Help heal the pain that the burden has left. Then and only then, will you truly understand what “Veteran” means.


As for the photo? That is part of my family’s story. The statue of the soldier is my Great Uncle Albert. He, like many, lost his life in Korea at the young age of 19. Many in my family never had the chance to meet him, including a few of his brothers and sisters. I too, didn’t understand the definition of “Veteran” until I came here with my grandmother. Until I listened to her stories and watched her break down at the shear sight of the memorial. It was at that moment I learned what the meaning truly was and what sacrifice really is. I will forever be grateful and supportive of our service men and women and their family’s. Thank you all for your service! Land of the Free, because of the Brave!!