Family Adventures Overlanding


Family Adventures Overlanding... Simple right? We’re a family that enjoys Adventures and Overlanding. But truth be told, that’s not where the name originated per say. We have always loved camping and have had plenty of adventures even without our Cruiser. So why FAO? Well, it started as a Family project. Something that would get all of us involved and allow us to spend more time together as a family. Not just camping and exploring, but also by building and maintaining the Cruiser. Everyone of us has had a part in the design and build up of this rig and she has become a part of the family. When I say we built this rig from the ground up, believe me, we did! What we didn’t expect though, was for “family” to take on a completely different meaning. Namely the other people/Overlanders that we meet on our journeys. Some have become close friends and others have become much more than that. They have become a part of our family...


Adventures... Well, that comes from the crazy journeys we embark on. HikingOverlanding and Exploring destinations all over this great land! It really doesn't matter where it is, we find adventure almost everywhere. Adventures that teach all of us new lessons and skills. Most importantly, adventures that allow our children to come out of their shells and blossom! Adventures that create everlasting memories!


Overlanding... There are so many different definitions for this term. We tend to believe it’s not just about the journey and the places, but the people you meet along the way as well. We have met so many wonderful people since we started Overlanding. Not just Overlanders either, but people who have no idea what Overlanding is and are curious to find out. Curious because deep down they hear that same call to get out and explore. But they just haven’t listened to it yet. Maybe because it’s an unknown or they’re not quite sure how to start. We were there once and we remember how frustrating it was trying to figure out what gear we needed, where we could go and how to do it. Finding information can be a daunting task and the internet is littered with so much conflicting information. Information that says you must have brand x, y and z, and if you don't, you're not doing it right! As a family, we have accepted that as our new project and we try to educate as many curious people as possible. Not because we’ve been there and done that, but because when we do go there and do that, we think it would be fun to do it with as much Family as possible!! #familyfirstadventurealways